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FEMM - Party All Night (x)

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I love when Kpop fans really try and act like kpop/korean music is more meaningful than American music yet Wheesung has a song out there simply on his love for Orange Juice

Zico has a song about how he hates chinese food lol

This is also true

Are we not gonna talk about how Mino from winner has a damn song that goes hard talking bout how he hates ants and he spraying cisco on their asses ?

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Anonymous asked: Why does everyone think Winner is going to debut on August 1?? Is that confirmed? If so, can you link me to where it is confirmined. I tried to find confirmation, but i cant. thanks.

Well, after the last video teaser was put out with the date August 1st at the end, everyone assumed at the beginning that they would actually come out on that day, even news articles since they wrote a columns about their debut, which made their confirmation more firm. But since right now, with the date being only a few days away with no teaser or anything, some winner fans are being doubtful about it and I would to because everyone likes a good teaser, so I’m not sure tbh. I always hope for the best and expect the worst . Either way we have to wait until August 1st to find out. As for links for confirmation, there isn’t anything official on the yg-life blog that I know of but there are news articles out there. I can’t really link them but if you look at fy-winner or ygwinner blogs, they have trans of news articles that talk about it I think.

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seunghoon on mnet wide ಥ⌣ಥ
random hoon gifset // requested by anon

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mino’s drowning and seunghoon’s a carousel ride ¯\_(ツ)_/¯  (x)

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"So who’s your bias?" "All of them."

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please stop

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winner on mnet wide -w-

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utterly flawless

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mino’s drowning and seunghoon’s a carousel ride ¯\_(ツ)_/¯  (x)

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Winner imitating their teasers. 

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